Hello! This is our video basketball stereotypes. This is our experience of basketball in Sweden. These are based on different players we met and know on the court. Keep in mind that these scenes are set up and made for fun.

Here in 8B we love basketball. You can practice almost everywhere, you just need a basketball. You can play on the street, in your garage and a lot more places. Our club SBK has a lot of players in our class but also from other schools. Almost every break we go outside and play ball, this sport means more than a lot for many of us. We cant afford to lose basketball. Training almost everyday with each other with that much love for the sport develops chemistry on the court.
Here in Sweden basketball isn’t that popular and our interest for the sport is minimal compared to basketball nations like America,Spain and France. Competitions and camps are pretty popular though and it’s great to meet other players who also love the sport. Sometimes we have basketball in our PE lessons. These lessons are very fundamental but also educational.