On 19th March, “Husino” school hosted municipal competition in Biology. A total of 17 schools from Tuzla with 46 students took part in this competition. The competition started at 10 o’clock and ended at 13:00. The following students were the best:
Lamija Azapagić from “Centar” elementary school
Amina Hodžić from “Solina” elementary school
Aida Dedić from “Solina” elementary school
Our students Nejra Kikanović came in 21st, Naida Kikaković 23rd and Maja Marić 32nd. Congratulation to our Biology teacher Lejla Jusufović who was working hard with both Solina and Husino students in preparation for the competition!
The best schools were “Solina” with a total of 220,5 points, “Gornja Tuzla” with 212,5 points and “Novi Grad” with 203 points. Our school was 11th with a total of 158,5 points.
The guests had nothing but the words of praise for the whole organization of competition. The students and guests were provided with refreshments and sandwiches and the overall organization and efficient processing of results was praiseworthy. Congratulations to all Husino and Ljubače staff for successful organization of the competition!