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Visit from Bosnia

During five days from the 21st May – 26th of May our Bosnian friends visited us in Stora Höga and at our school. We had a great time and did a lot of things. The first day we went to Tanumshede and the coast of Bohuslän to look at the rock carvings. We also had a nice lunch at a restaurant by the sea. On our way home we took the scenic route by the sea


One day we went canoeing. It was warm and no wind. Everybody dared to get into the canoes. We paddled to a peninsula where we had a nice time swimming and barbecuing.



We are having a talking lesson in English. Right here we are talking about lots of different topics that has to do with our interests, what we do in our spare time, what food we like and don’t like and so forth.


Guess who I am? You write the name of a famous person and put in on your friend’s forehead, then you present different statements until your friend has guessed whom you are.




Class 8a with our friends from Bosnia

One evening we went down to the sea where we had a barbecue, played volleyball and caught crabs.


The last evening together we went to Liseberg and had a great time together.

Skärmavbild 2016-06-14 kl. 12.07.50


Yesterday class 8a did climbing in their physical education lesson. It was nice weather and everybody had a try. Did anyone get to the top?

Fieled trip to Mostar

On 6th May, Husino and Ljubače students went on a field trip to historic Mostar, situated on the Neretva River. The students strolled around historic neighbourhoods and enjoyed famous dishes and desserts. We visited the Old Bridge, built by the Ottomans in the 16th century, which is one of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s most recognizable landmarks. During the war, the Bridge was destroyed and a monumental project to rebuild the Old Bridge was initiated in 1999 and completed in 2004, when a grand opening was held on 23rd July. In July 2005, UNESCO inscribed the Old Bridge and its closest vicinity onto the World Heritage List.

After Mostar, we continued our trip to Blagaj, where the students also visited Blagaj Tekija (Dervish house/monastery), built in the early 15th century by dervishes, with elements of Ottoman architecture and Mediterranean style. It is considered a national monument. The Tekija gives an astonishing view of the source of the Buna River.  

Accompanied by a beautiful spring weather and good atmosphere, the students and teachers had excellent time and are looking forward to the next school trip!






Sutlija is a traditional sweet Bosnian dish with rice.


  1. 300 grams of rice;
  2. 1 litre of milk;
  3. Sugar and vanilla sugar (as much as you like);
  4.  350ml of water.


1. Wash the rice.


2. When washed, mix the rice up with 350 ml water and cook it.

3.While rice is cooking, mix the milk, sugar and vanilla sugar in one bowl. Then pour it in a pot and start cooking it2

4.When the rice is cooked, it should look like this. 4

5.Put the rice into the boiling milk and leave it on the cooker for 5 minutes to simmer.

6. After those 5 minutes put the mixture/your sutlija in a bowl and put the bowl in the fridge for about 1 hour.

7.You can serve it with cocoa or cinnamon on the top.


Hope you’ll like my way of making ”sutlija”  J

Prepared by: SamraDurić, Ljubačeschool


2016 Ultimate Frisbee D.C

The Stora Höga School sent two teams to the District Championship in Göteborg the 29th April. In spite of strong winds and arctic temperatures we were entertained with skilled play and enthusiastic spirit. Our 9:graders managed to win all their games and went back home decorated with the Gold Medals while our brave 8:graders had to struggle hard to make it to the semi finals but in the end had to settle for the fourth place.


On 19th March, “Husino” school hosted municipal competition in Biology. A total of 17 schools from Tuzla with 46 students took part in this competition. The competition started at 10 o’clock and ended at 13:00. The following students were the best:
Lamija Azapagić from “Centar” elementary school
Amina Hodžić from “Solina” elementary school
Aida Dedić from “Solina” elementary school
Our students Nejra Kikanović came in 21st, Naida Kikaković 23rd and Maja Marić 32nd. Congratulation to our Biology teacher Lejla Jusufović who was working hard with both Solina and Husino students in preparation for the competition!
The best schools were “Solina” with a total of 220,5 points, “Gornja Tuzla” with 212,5 points and “Novi Grad” with 203 points. Our school was 11th with a total of 158,5 points.
The guests had nothing but the words of praise for the whole organization of competition. The students and guests were provided with refreshments and sandwiches and the overall organization and efficient processing of results was praiseworthy. Congratulations to all Husino and Ljubače staff for successful organization of the competition!


Ljubače school: Assistance to a visually-impaired student

“Lions” Club Tuzla donated a monitor-linked low vision magnifier to Benjamin Kovačević, a 6th grade student at “Ljubače” school. Although severely visually impaired, Benjamin is an excellent student and the donation will facilitate his further studying. Professor Amela Teskeredžić awarded the donation on behalf of the Club and pointed out that the monitor-linked low vision magnifier is a long-term solution to assist the student in learning process. A total of four visually impaired students attend “Ljubače” school among which is Valentin, Benjamin’s brother. Learning environment in the school has been significantly adjusted and improved with the assistance of parents, the school management and Tuzla Association of Visually Impaired Citizens. It is important to point out that the Ministry of Education has ensured a full-time tiphlologist-defectologist specialised to work with visually impaired children during the school year.



International Sculpture Colony „Črnomelj 2016“ took place on 18th and 19th February in Slovenia. The Colony was organized by Zavod za izobraževanje in kulturo Črnomelj (Department for Education and Culture) and Elementary school „Loka“ Črnomelj (Slovenia). Our student Nikolina Pavljašević won the first place!
Some 40 young sculptors (in the age between 12 and 15) from 30 elementary schools from the region (Slovenia, Italy, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Serbia) competed at the Colony. This is Nikolina’s first award at international level! Nikolina ensured her participation at International Youth Colony Ernestinovo (Croatia) which will take place from 21 to 23 March 2016. Sincere congratulations to Nikolina and we wish her all the luck in Ernestinovo!


English language municipal competition took place on 20 February 2016. The competition was hosted by „Solina“ elementary school. Some 25 schools from the entire Tuzla Canton participated in this event and over 100 pupils competed in three categories: 7th, 8th and 9th grades. We are proud to say that Naida Kikanović was 11th, Marin Kapetanović was 18th and Tijana Tokić was 20th on the final list in the 8th grade category. Tarik Alić was 12th in the 7th grade category. Our sincere congratulations to our students for their success! And their English teacher!


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